Funding changes to an existing development site

See how our team secured a flexible development finance loan that would repay an outstanding payment while also funding an evolving, new development.

Fluid Development Finance Loan

An existing business client of ours was looking to raise funds to help pay off investors and generate cash towards the planned changes of a development site they already owned. The company also needed a development commitment that the chosen lender would fund an ongoing development proposal of a six-unit scheme.

The existing development plan was for the refurbishment of a large commercial property into six apartments. However, our client was looking to adapt the proposal and build an extension on the existing property that would allow for the development of three additional apartments, taking the total number of units up to nine.

The initial loan amount requested was £819,449. This was sufficient to repay the investors and cover professional and planning costs for the proposed changes to a nine-unit scheme. Should this planned change be declined, the requested loan would instead cover the development of the original six-unit scheme.

Consulting our established network of lenders, we decided to approach the United Trust Bank (UTB) to be the lender for this project due to the fluid nature of the planning and development process. We needed a lender who was forward thinking and flexible enough to underwrite and agree to the funding for both the existing planning agreement of six units and the potential nine-unit development if it were approved. UTB agreed, subject to a revaluation with updated costings.

In the end, the nine-unit scheme was approved, and the lender reviewed the project with the revaluation in mind, increasing the borrowing amount to allow for the final project to be completed.

If this project had been Introducer-led, the commission earnt would have been £3,687.50 with a further payment once the project had increased to nine units.

Overview of Case Study:

  • Purchase Price £780
  • Overview of Case Study:
  • Loan – £624,828
  • Rate 0.84% per month
  • Term 12 months
  • Lender – United Trust Bank
  • Completion time – from terms being accepted to completion – 6 weeks.

The difficulties which needed to be overcome

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