Helping you and your clients navigate their way through the complexities of specialist finance regardless of the economic “climate”, through decades of experience in lending.

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Forecast Finance are bridging, development, and commercial finance experts with more than 60 years’ experience in the market. We are proud to provide specific and tailored financial solutions to our customers across a wide range of industries, from short-term bridging loans to long-term borrowing plans.

Our comprehensive range of financial services will ensure that you can meet your financial needs, whatever the cost. Our team of professionals have the specific knowledge they need to analyse and assess your situation before finding and matching you with the right financial solution for you.

Our dedication to providing top quality customer service and the best possible advice to our clients allows us to achieve a positive outcome for our clients every single time, helping businesses across the UK reach their financial goals.

Development Finance
Development Finance
Bridging Finance
Bridging Finance
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& Specialist Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages and specialist mortgages can come in many shapes and sizes, whether you or your clients are looking to purchase a commercial property for a business to trade from, or perhaps have a commercial or residential investor looking to start your landlord journey, or build on your existing portfolio.

Here at Forecast Finance, we have a wealth of experience in sourcing the right commercial/specialist loan for you or your client from the right lender so that you can be sure of a successful outcome no matter the outlook.

Borrowing can be arranged for a variety of reasons including purchasing and refinancing properties, to raising capital to consolidate debt. There are Capital Repayment and Interest only options available with loan to values up to 80%. We also have access to variable and fixed interest rate options, with no minimum or maximum loan amounts.

Commercial & Specialist Mortgages

Property types that we can raise loans against include but are not limited to:

  • Commercial Property (Owner occupation or investment)
  • Semi Commercial Property (Where there is an element of both commercial and residential within the property)
  • Traditional Residential Investment Properties (Buy to Lets)
  • Flats (Including those above commercial properties)
  • Multi Unit Freeholds (A property consisting of more than one self contained residential unit on the same title)
  • HMOs & Student Lets (Multi occupation residential properties with some shared facilities)

Acceptable borrowing entities:

  • Personal
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Companies
  • LLPs
  • Pensions/Trusts
  • Ex Pats
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Clients with credit impaired history

Additional Products

Business Loans

Business loans are useful to those who require extra cash for multiple business purposes such as buying stock, expand your business, buy equipment, refurbish your office etc but who might not qualify for asset or invoice finance.

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance allows you to raise cash from unpaid invoices which in turn assists with cash flow as money is available straight away as opposed to 30, 60 or even 120 days after invoices are raised. Invoice financing can also be completely confidential from your customer.

Asset Finance

A flexible approach to funding, asset finance gives your business access to the equipment, vehicles, plant and technology it needs to perform and grow, without compromising cash flow.

It can be used for both new and second-hand assets, or as a mechanism for releasing the value from those you already own. Over the past few years, asset finance has become the fastest growing finance option for businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

Bridging Loan for Business Acquisition
Securing a Commercial Mortgage for Working Capital
Remortgaging a commercial property for our client
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