Bridging Finance

  • Posted 12 June 2024 Bridging Finance, Bridging Loan for Business Acquisition

    Our client was introduced to us as they were looking to buy out the director of a business who planned to retire.

  • Posted 5 June 2024 Bridging Finance, Funding Urgent Structural Works Needed to Complete Property Sale

    A returning client of Forecast Finance approached us looking for a short-term bridging loan against a property that needed urgent structural repairs.

  • Renovation
    Posted 17 May 2024 Bridging Finance, Helping Kickstart a Career in Home Refurbishment

    Our client was looking for a bridging loan to help with the purchase of a detached bungalow to renovate and later sell on for a profit.

  • Posted 19 March 2024 Bridging Finance, Funding a New Property After Divorce

    Our client was looking to purchase a new home with a value of £1.85 million. He needed a loan worth £700,000 to put towards the purchase of the property, with the remaining cost to be paid through a variety of other income channels including savings and investments.

  • Posted 19 March 2024 Bridging Finance, Helping a Client Meet an Auction Deadline

    We were approached by a broker with a client looking to purchase an auction property with a strict deadline. The client had an existing home in Leicestershire but were looking to relocate and had not yet found a buyer for their current property.

  • Posted 12 March 2024 Bridging Finance, Funding The Purchase of a Clients’ Dream Home

    Our clients were looking to downsize from their existing home and managed to find their dream property in the process. Since they didn’t want to miss out on this property but hadn’t yet sold their previous home, they needed a bridging loan that allowed them to purchase their new house early.

  • Posted 2 February 2024 Bridging Finance, Repaying an Existing Development Finance Facility

    Our client, an experienced developer, had just finished building 10 holiday lets in Devon. He approached us directly to enquire about a high value bridging loan that was needed to repay his current development finance facility and outstanding loans from his business partner.

  • Posted 2 February 2024 Bridging Finance, Supporting With Legal Costs after Divorce

    Our client was looking to sell one of his buy-to-let properties as quickly as possible to cover the legal costs from his divorce. A condition of his divorce stated he needed to remove his ex-wife from the deeds first, so a short-term bridging loan was identified as the correct solution. He was initially referred to us by an Introducer.

  • Posted 4 January 2024 Bridging Finance, Funding the Purchase of Land in Spain

    Forecast Finance secured a £37,003 loan on a quick turnaround for a borrower looking to purchase land in Spain which would then be used to develop a holiday let property.

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