Helping our client refinance their property portfolio to meet lending requirements

Discover how we helped our client refinance a large and varied property portfolio after no longer meeting high-street lending requirements.

Remortgaging a mixed property portfolio

We were approached by a client looking to refinance their entire property portfolio away from several lenders as they no longer met high-street lending requirements. This mixed portfolio consisted of 15 different properties containing 36 let units across England.

This meant they had very specific requirements when it came to a lender, requiring an organisation that could work with the client closely, had significant experience trading and investing in properties, and offered considerable flexibility. The lender would also need to structure and understand loan affordability in accordance with portfolio income.

After a year of intense and dedicated discussions with outgoing lenders, valuers, solicitors, and our chosen lender for this case, Cynergy Bank, we were able to secure a loan worth £14.77 million structured across three- and five-year fixed rates. Additionally, a percentage of the loan remained on a variable rate acting as a trading line for our client.

The client was thrilled with the outcome of our work and commended our dedication to ensuring satisfaction.

Overview of Case Study

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