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  • Posted 12 June 2024 Bridging Finance, Bridging Loan for Business Acquisition

    Our client was introduced to us as they were looking to buy out the director of a business who planned to retire.

  • Posted 12 June 2024 Commercial Mortgages, Securing a Commercial Mortgage for Working Capital

    A client came to us directly to raise funds for the daily running costs of their business against a scrapyard site they owned in London.

  • Posted 5 June 2024 Commercial Mortgages, Remortgaging a commercial property for our client

    We were introduced to a client who was looking to refinance a well located semi-commercial property, as the rate they held with their current lender was coming to an end. 

  • Posted 5 June 2024 Development Finance, Facilitating the Development of Purpose Built Student Accommodation

    We were approached by a client who had recently finished three separate purpose-built student accommodation properties.

  • Posted 5 June 2024 Bridging Finance, Funding Urgent Structural Works Needed to Complete Property Sale

    A returning client of Forecast Finance approached us looking for a short-term bridging loan against a property that needed urgent structural repairs.

  • Posted 5 June 2024 Specialist Mortgage, Helping Our Client Refinancing Their Property Portfolio To Meet Lending Requirements

    We were approached by a client looking to refinance their entire property portfolio away from several lenders as they no longer met high-street lending requirements.

  • Renovation
    Posted 17 May 2024 Bridging Finance, Helping Kickstart a Career in Home Refurbishment

    Our client was looking for a bridging loan to help with the purchase of a detached bungalow to renovate and later sell on for a profit.

  • Posted 19 March 2024 Bridging Finance, Funding a New Property After Divorce

    Our client was looking to purchase a new home with a value of £1.85 million. He needed a loan worth £700,000 to put towards the purchase of the property, with the remaining cost to be paid through a variety of other income channels including savings and investments.

  • Posted 19 March 2024 Bridging Finance, Helping a Client Meet an Auction Deadline

    We were approached by a broker with a client looking to purchase an auction property with a strict deadline. The client had an existing home in Leicestershire but were looking to relocate and had not yet found a buyer for their current property.

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